Drover offers unique innovative systems for precision farming with the aim of improving the economic performance of Your Farm, while protecting the environment; drone aircrafts and land rovers equipped with appropriate multifunctional sensors are able to analyze, through the acquisition and processing of multispectral and thermal camera images, the health state of your plants. By doing this, you can intervene with “surgical” and very specific treatment programs.
You will have the possibility of doing localized treatment, irrigation and fertilization, with constant monitoring of the health of soil, plants and crops.
This will be a new method that is capable of revolutionizing the productive system of agriculture and that is taking advantage of newly available technologies, while preserving and sustaining the natural environment and providing the opportunity to offer qualified, healthy and safe products.

In particular, Drover is able to offer a series of products and instrumental services to achieve the objective above, proposable “on demand”, through the two base technology platforms ( Drone Aircraft and Ground Rover) equipped accordingly. Here are some examples:

  • monitoring of agricultural production and crop quality (precision farming). Mosaic of orthophotos with a resolution up to a few centimeters;
  • identification of crops, counting plants, classification of plantations;
  • identification and mapping of areas subject to damage or suffering;
  • identification and mapping of forest plant diseases (by area basis or at the level of individual plants);
  • mapping of structural features and biometrics in forests and woods;
  • mapping of vegetative and productive parameters of various cultures;
  • census of wildlife in protected and/or cultivated areas (alerts for prevent damages by wild animals)
  • mapping of forest fires and the subsequent extraction of land registry data;
  • wireless distributed sensor systems to map the soil status by using distributed underground sensors. Sensors are scattered on the territory and transmit readings data to a central unit capable of providing data processing;
  • monitoring of quarries or mining sites and areas of hydrogeological instalbility
  • multi-spectral/thermal and multi-temporal surveys for the reclamation of storage sites and waste dumps.

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